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    Berlin Building Chamber (Baukammer Berlin)

    The Berlin Building Chamber (Baukammer Berlin) is the professional representation of all engineers working in the field of construction in the State of Berlin (Chamber of engineering). It is a statutory body.

    It is part of the remit of the Building Chamber

    1. to promote the art and culture of building and construction as a whole;

    2. to define the professional duties of its members in a code of practice and to monitor compliance with this code;

    3. to protect the professional interests of its membership as a whole;

    4. to promote education and continued development in the profession;

    5. to provide support to parliaments, authorities and law courts in all professional issues, to furnish expert opinions/reports and to comment on draft legislation and regulations;

    6. to name expert witnesses and to appoint authorised experts for the certification of the completion of works;

    7. to comment on general issues relating to fees, charges and contractual arrangements for engineering services in construction;

    8. to work towards the resolution of disputes arising from professional activities between members or between members and third parties;

    9. to play an active role in the competition system and in the arrangements and execution of competitions and public award procedures, and to monitor the compliance of the respective procedural conditions with the current statutory professional regulations applicable at federal and state level;

    10. to appoint, under oath, authorised expert engineers for duties in the field of construction and to give official recognition of those experts under building law;

    11. to keep a register of engineers with authorisation for the submission of application documents;

    12. to maintain and promote cooperation with architects’ and engineers’ chambers and technical/scientific associations at national and international level;

    13. to give official recognition to engineers authorised to check designs for the energy efficiency of buildings;

    14. in its function as the appointed body to grant the right to use the professional title of “engineer”.


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